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For five years millions of Americans have tried to understand why Obama's past has been hidden from scrutiny with apparent paranoid secrecy while Obama and his supporters have used mockery and insults as intellectually dishonest - and sometimes cruel -  responses to an honest question: If he has nothing to hide, why the evasions?

CONCLUSION: Obama's father is not Barack Obama Sr, but notorious and ultra-radical infamous Communist activist Frank Marshall Davis on whom the FBI had an on-going security file about his communist activities until his death. And if the angry son of Frank Marshall Davis, raised in an apparent horrendous family situation and politically cultivated since birth by communists,  is in charge of the United States, its people, its economy, its international relations and has his finger on the nuclear codes, then the situation is not simply an outrage, it is truly alarming.
This is particularly alarming when you recall this National Inquirer story from 2008 reporting Davis to be more than a communist, but also a sexual pervert who wrote and published pornography about pedophilia - it was apparently in his home that the nude photographs of Obama's mother were found. (and the Inquirer is now legit - it was the Inquirer's continued following of the Lewinsky story that resulted in President Bill Clinton's impeachment and loss of law license) Click here

The Process in Detail

1. Images of Obama's mother, Stanley Ann Dunham, and the men who are assumed or suspected to be Jr's (President Obama's) father, basically choosing from the slim pickings available the ones in which the angle was similar and the expression relatively neutral.

2. For the analysis to be correct, all confusing graphic details that would muddy the analysis and create false impressions had to be removed so we were only doing an analysis on the facial features. Hair and glasses we eliminated from the faces. The faces were scaled to be in proportion, etc . At this point, because of a resemblance that already exists, I expected to find that Malcolm X to be the father.

3. Using reasonably sophisticated morphing software, a series of dot/markers were set to the corresponding areas of the adjacent faces used in the analysis. The transitional areas were not cherry picked and this particular program will not allow it: you get one smooth overall transition from one image to the other: that is the only option, so you cannot get cute with the results. In no way using this process could any degree of combination of mother/Obama Sr result in a face that even remotely looked like Obama Jr, and who the father is not is at least as important as who it is, because as is apparent this experiment destroys utterly the fabrications of personal history that Obama told the American people while soliciting their votes.


4. The result. Astonishingly, although Barack Obama Jr (Barry Soetoro/Sobarkah) appears to have the more delicate features and angular look of Malcolm X, faces are funny things, and we are wired as human beings to see things in ways we might not imagine (turn a frowning face upside down and your impression will be that of a smiling face, for example, though the face is, in fact, still frowning) and it is the heavy and more traditionally African features of Frank Marshall Davis, which, when combined at 1/3 - to - 2/3 with his mother's features creates the absolutely splitting image of Barack Obama Jr.


This mystery is clearly over. Barack Obama's father is very plainly the "poet Frank" from Obama's "Dreams Of My Father", whom Barack admits to having spent much time - one of the most radical and notorious communist (not "socialist") activists in the United States in the 20th century. If it is indeed the son of Davis who is the current President of the United States, as seems absolutely undeniably certain by this grueling graphic/photo analysis, then we dare not allow him to be re-elected as President. It does not matter what you think of Romney. NO ONE COULD BE MORE DANGEROUS FOR AMERICA AS PRESIDENT THAN THE SON OF NOTORIOUS RADICAL COMMUNIST ACTIVIST FRANK MARSHALL DAVIS.

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